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My purpose was never to be a photographer. My purpose is to make people feel better, about their bodies, their looks, their life.  To bring them back to themselves.  To their families.  Their partners.  Their best self.  To take the angst and self loathing out of having your photograph taken.  I want you to be proud of seeing yourself in photos.
Let me show you.

I don't need to have met you yet, to know you are beautiful, worthy of great love, and made of pure magic.  Let me show you.

I'm a modern traditionalist.  I believe in simplicity and authenticity, and try to bring those qualities forward in every interaction.  because it's all simple when we get down to it.  I love white walls and rough wood and 100 year old homes mixed with modern design and loud music.  If i wasn't a photographer, I'd be teaching riding lessons and designing homes.  I'm an intensely spiritual being and find depth and meaning in the smallest of interactions.  there truly are signs everywhere.

I was raised in the Adirondacks and spent the last 15 years living on and exploring the West Coast.  i love being a mom and hanging out with my husband, and also cherish my time alone above most things.  I love horses, fresh design, hazelnut lattes that i don't make at home, recreating myself regularly, and just about anything in the world with soul.  I'm a brazen, glamour and dirt loving tomboy and I live in belief that you can be all of the things you want, if you want it enough.  

I'll swap life stories with you, raise a glass, and introduce you to my animals, and then dress you up, make you up into a rockstar for the day and take your photograph..and we'll laugh and be alive and probably remain great friends for a long time. 

some fun things.
I have horses, dogs, and a lady pig named Frank.  
i was a marine and an underwear sales girl.  
I married my husband twice.




My spirit, my love.  Come to the farm and meet my horses, and the rest of the clan.  Even our piggy Frank.


The place I found my purpose.  The place I will always return.  Earth and Her wonders are neverending for me.


Seattle is my second home.  City lights and life make me feel alive.  And who doesn't love Piroshky?

city life

Once upon a time I wanted to be Mariah Carey.  I still give concerts in the car on request.  In studio, you will always find me rocking out.


Our stories are all we have.  They are worth writing down, sharing, and passing on.


Being photographed shouldn't be something you need to 'get done' or 'deal with'.  I provide a personalized experience that is far from one size fits all.  I understand that moms with small kids don't want to drag the entire family to the studio for 3 hours.  Let's get outside and play!  I know that not every woman has a best friend who does hair and makeup, so I provide it for you in my studio.  Are you a farm girl at heart?  Let's get out with the horses and into the woods.  A modern woman that loves that Vanity Fair feel? Let's get into the studio and create beautiful modern portraits.  Best yet, let's do it all.


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You deserve portraits that you're proud of..  I invite you for a day of beauty, connection, and gorgeous photographs. Hair, makeup, and full styling available.

Portraits From $500

From makeup to mountaintops, first look to last dance. This is your story.   Let's go where you've never been and create images that always connect you back to that feeling.

from $3000

Your personal brand is your face to the world.  I'll work with you to hone your vision in a sophisticated, authentic way that empowers your brand and helps you sell.



I knew there were others out there like me, who were searching for an organic, slightly rough around the edges venue experience without sacrificing the elegance and effortless glamour of a full service, professionally coordinated event.  This is how the idea behind the farm began.  dreaming of a farm wedding complete with horses, wildflowers, and a hundred year old barn as your backdrop?  Have a vision for a twinkle lit forest gala at the foot of the adirondack mountains?  now booking for fall of 2017.

(includes setup for 150 guests)

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You dream it.  We coordinate it.

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